Sky Lodge 2D1N


Discover the mystical sacred city of the Incas, capital of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire.


2 days and 1 night tour package

Cod.: CVT028

What is Sky Lodge Suites?

At Skylodge Adventure Suites you can sleep within a completely transparent hanging bedroom; that allows you to appreciate the impressive view of the Sacred Valley by night surrounded by the Milky Way. Continuing with our philosophy of sharing a mountain experience with everyone; our dedicated research and development department has created these Vertical Hanging Modules. Each module has four beds, dining area and private bathroom, made of aerospacealuminium and high resistance polycarbonate. Each module measures 24 ft. in length and 8 ft. in height and width. Once inside the module one can remove the harness as the only way to leave is through the portal located in the upper part of the craft. There are six windows and four ventilation ducts that ensure a comfortable atmosphere. 


Each module utilizes an alternative lighting system with solar panels that stores energy in batteries for the four interior lamps, plus a solar reading lamp for each bedEach module has a private bathroom separated from the bedroom by an insulating wall, within which is a dry ecological toilet and sink, where you can still enjoy the gorgeous views through the 1.8 meter diameter dome. The dome also has curtains for privacy. The design and features of each module provides you first class service with complete comfort. Fine quality mattresses and cotton sheets, down pillows and quilts ensure a warm and pleasant night at 1312 ft. 


Our capacity is 12 people on the entire lodge, 4 people per suite maximum. 


There are 2 ways to get to the Skylodge; by way of the Via Ferrata, crossing the hanging bridge, or the intrepid path toward the Ziplines. Choose your preference! 


Day 1: Cusco-Pachar

We will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco City a14hAfter we arrive to Pachar our guide will give you a safety talk and the necessary equipment. The ascent will took place between 16h and 17h by the via ferrata or the zip line hike depending on the chosen activity. Once you arrive to “Skylodge Adventure Suites” you are going to have a security talk on Skylodge functions/procedures, coffee or an infusion.  

A delicious dinner will be ready at 20h. Let’s enjoy a pleasant night in the best place in the whole world at 1312 ft!  

Day 2: Pachar-Cusco

The morning starts with coffee or infusions inside the suite. Then breakfast at the dining room at around 8am. The descent will be at 10 am depending on the activity chosen. Finally we return to Cusco at 11:30, arriving to the city at 13h.  



Private transportation from/to hotel in Cusco or Sacred Valley


If you choose Via Ferrata

full body harness, helmet, gloves and a via ferrata lanyard

If you choose Zip-line

pelvic harness, helmet, gloves and a zip-line kit


chocolate, tangerine, dehydrated fruits

Dinner and bottle of wine







Meet Machu Picchu, the New Wonder of the Modern World, in full day


The turquoise Huamantay Lagoon, as imposing as it is majestic, remains unchanged and hidden in Cusco


Unforgettable tour of the highest navigable lake in the world and its impeccable Uros and Taquile islands.


Travel the majestic road of the Incas to the imposing Machupicchu in 6 days and 5 nights